Accelerated Childhood Education, Inc.

New York City Department of Early Intervention approved Not-For-Profit Early Intervention Home-based Agency serving young children with Developmental and Language Delays and their Families in Queens, Staten Island and Nassau County

About Us

Accelerated Childhood Education is a Not-for-Profit Early Intervention Agency. We provide in-home Evaluations and ongoing services including the intensive methodology of Applied Behavioral Analysis.  We are approved by the State, City of New York and Nassau County to provide Evaluations and ongoing therapy to children, birth to 3 years old, in the home environment.

ACE was founded by parents concerned about providing quality, intensive programming to those families in need.

Our goal is to work intensively using the methodology of Applied Behavioral Analysis to teach parents and families these time-tested and researched strategies to instruct children, to improve upon their area(s) of deficit(s), and to build upon their strengths.

We teach children how to learn, how to focus, and to imitate. The approach we use breaks down the learning into smaller, more manageable steps. The teacher then reinforces each attempt. Included in our teaching is both the discrete trial, incidental teaching, and verbal behavioral strategies. We work both in a more structured format and through play. Through the use of this type of teaching we can teach children to make sounds, then words, then to chain those words into sentences. We work closely with parents and families to train them in how to increase the learning opportunities throughout the day and to generalize their child’s new skills. Parents and siblings can be the most effective teachers when given the tools to work with. We provide these tools.

All Accelerated Childhood Education Supervisors have extensive backgrounds in the field of Applied Behavioral Analysis. Our program coordinators include Clinical Psychologists, Behavior Analysts, BCBA’s, and other experts in the field. ACE Supervisors are dedicated to developing the child’s skill and enhancing his or her growth and potential.

ACE Supervisors work on a regular basis putting together an individualized program for the particular child and family. We design programs which will attack the deficits and expand on the child’s strengths. We focus on issues that the family feels are most important and relevant for their specific home life and culture.

These programs, performed through both structured and play strategies, most commonly focus on language, play, and daily routines, as well as areas identified as important and relevant to the individual family.

ACE is now providing in-home Evaluations. Our experienced evaluators will come to your home to provide an evaluaation of your child’s strengths and weaknesses. This Evaluation will address your concerns. ACE has teams who will evaluate and give initial feedback concerning your child’s development and give suggestions or activities to incorporate into your routines to help your child learn and grow. This is at no charge to you or your family. The final determination of eligibility for the EI program will be provided at the IFSP meeting with the City or Nassau County official. Evaluators can also be provided bilingually.

ACE also provides Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Psychological and Social Work for toddlers needing these other related services. Our professionals in these fields are also highly qualified, certified, licensed, and able to work as partners with our ABA teams and programs.

Our Mission is to provide the most comprehensive learning experience when the window of opportunity for learning is greatest.


  • Keeps to self / In his or her own world
  • Appears unfocused
  • Repetitive behaviors
  • Lacks play skills
  • Articulation issues / Lack of speech
  • Feeding problems
  • Uses limited speech or no speech
  • Shows limited eye contact
  • Gross or fine motor delays


These are just some signs that may indicate your child might be eligible for Early Intervention services:

  • BY THREE MONTHS: Child does not turn head toward bright colors & lights, smile, or lift head when on stomach.
  • BY SIX MONTHS: Child doesn’t follow moving objects with their eyes or reach for objects & pick them up, imitate speech sounds, recognize familiar faces, or turn toward sound.
  • BY EIGHTEEN MONTHS: Child cannot say at least six words, feed themselves, walk without help, point, or follow simple directions.
  • BY TWO YEARS: Child cannot use two- or three-word sentences, say about 50 words, show affection, feed themselves with a spoon, or recognize familiar pictures.
  • BY THREE YEARS: Child cannot ride a tricycle, repeat common rhymes, use three- to five-word sentences, name at least one color correctly, put on their shoes, or open a door.

Our therapists and teachers will come to your home to provide ongoing therapy. We also specialize in the intensive methodology of Applied Behavioral Analysis, which is the approved and recommended treatment for toddlers with Autism Spectrum disorders.

Contact us if your child has or is at risk for:

  • Developmental Delay
  • Autism
  • PDD
  • Speech/Communication delays/disorders
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Premature Low Birth Weight
  • Feeding Problems
  • Multiple Disabilities


Home-based individualized programming is geared to work specifically with the needs of each child and family. Each individual program has a Supervisor and/or a Lead who is responsible for coordinating the program, and he or she will work with the child and family on a regular basis. Ongoing support and family training is provided continuously. Team meetings (held on a monthly basis) incorporates therapists and teachers working with the family. Our program and teaching strategies work on obtaining language skills, play skills, and daily living skills, with an emphasis on goals most important to the family and home life.


We provide other ongoing therapies including:

  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Social Work
  • Special Education / ABA Psychological services

All our services emphasize an individualized approach using Behavioral strategies. Our Directors maintain contact with all the families and monitor all services. At ACE our goal is to work as a team with parents and families for the growth and development of their child. All children have potential. Our aim is to work with the family to help the child reach his or her own potential when the window of opportunity for growth is greatest.